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A sports massage or Deep Tissue Massage isn’t just for athletes.....

If you regularly do sports of any kind or you are exercising frequently, then deep tissue or sports massage may well be a benefit to you. Even if you dont play sports or exercise a massage can help alleviate all those aches and pains from everyday living and bad posture.


Massage  can help get rid of aches, pains and strains, reduce high blood pressure, improve performance in any sport and even help sleep patterns improve. Whether you’re considering a massage to improve post-exercise healing, or would like to relieve the stresses and strains of modern life, we’re here to help.

Whilst sports massage is often used to help athletes and active sportspeople to perform at their best, it’s also beneficial for those who experience discomfort and tension in their bodies caused by everyday stresses.

Introducing Carol Brown - Our Resident Sports Therapist and Rehabilitation expert.....

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